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Can Netflow Analyzer .record individual end user DSL port activity on an Adtran TA5004 DSLAM?

Can Netflow Analyzer be used to monitor and record individual end user DSL port activity on an Adtran TA5004 DSLAM?

Is there another way to do it using native Adtran capabilities?

Question Background:

I am not a network engineer but a DSL customer trying to get my ISP to properly fix my line.  I live at the end of the servicable range of an Adtran TA5004 owned by Zipply, previously Frontier, previously Verizon.  The wires to my house run in a 25 pair bundle and are in bad repair, much of the bundle runs through the woods where techs are not anxious to haul ladders to check splice boxes.  Over the years there have been many splices.

By observing traffic patterns via my modems statistics collections, I see that for periods of time (when my DSL is delivering a very acceptable 3 MB/sec) my CRC error rate is extreemly low.  However, during intermittent times during the day, and at night during the time people are streaming media, my CRC rate goes through the roof, and my downlink speed is reduced to sub 100K numbers.  Its very clear to me that there is another user whose lines are cross-coupled to mine.  The techs who have looked into it claim that their TDR can not detect a cross connection, so either the lines are electro-magneticly coupled (as opposed to physicaly coupled) or they are blowing smoke – the behaviour (single digit CRC errors in 15 minute logging periods, OR tens of thousands of CRC errors in 15 minute logging periods, happening for discrete time periods, especially between 7 and 10 PM) paint a pretty convincing picture of interference.

I am working with a network tech at Zipply.  I’ve requested he collect usage data on other users who share my 25 pair wire bundle, so we can identify who is causing the interference, and give the on-the-ground techs a target for where to look for wire problems.   So far he has been at a loss as how to accomplish this, I am hoping that Network Analyzer can provide a solution.  IF you’ve read this far, thank you.

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Netflow isn't really a helpful protocol for analyzing errors since it doesn't contain metrics related to error rates, just layer 3 bytes sent and received.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Thanks for the response.  To clarify, I am not looking for Netflow Analyzer to provide me with error information, I have the error information that I need from my modem which tells me when I am getting CRC errors, and how many I am getting.  I am looking for a way to correlate the times at which I receive high numbers of errors with the times at which other users, who share the 25 pair wire bundle delivering me DSL, are using their connection.

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If the ISP forwarded netflow data from wherever they actually have their router and had a list of IP's on your bundle it would show how much traffic each IP was passing, but they'd still need to do the leg work of looking up what dhcp addresses had been handed out to which homes at that time and figuring out which addresses are on that bundle. Given that they almost certainly already collect usage stats for billing I'm not sure that netflow would offer any data they didn't already have. I kind of suspect the tech you are working with primarily works at the layer 1/2 physical side and may not have easy access to the routed traffic info and customer usage metrics, but it would be pretty unusual if there wasn't someone more senior who knew the easy way to gather all the pieces and correlate them.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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