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CBQoS in Juniper

Hi all,

We are getting CBQoS from our cisco routers, but now our wan supplier is changing to Juniper router.

Is there any equal Cisco CBQos in Juniper to read out from SolarWinds?

Regards Jan

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Level 9

Re: CBQoS in Juniper

CBQoS is solely for Cisco and NTA only supports Netflow. Unless SolarWinds release a compatible technology for Juniper, then it would be good but for now it is not supported.

I suggest that you stick with Cisco.


Re: CBQoS in Juniper

Cbqos doesn't directly exist in juniper, but they do have a technology called a policer and those could be polled with custom UNDP's in NPM.  It wouldn't show up inside NTA but it could still be charted out in a roughly similar way as a custom poller chart.

- Marc Netterfield, Github