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Beta Feedback

I haven't been able to spend as much time on this as I have wanted to, but I do have some interface comments for you.

1. On the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary page I would like to be able to set the default summary to something other than 5 minutes, or at least be able to select a different summary time period manually. As far as I can tell the last 5 minutes is the only available period to view since there is no time period selector.

2. If I select a node from the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary page, I get a Node Details page that several graphs that provide data for the last 15 minutes. I need to be able to pick a different time period (last hour, last 12 hours, last 24 hours, etc.) at this level, but this does not seem possible. There is no option to customize the charts like there would be for regular NPM charts. I have to drill down into a sub-item for a chart before I get a time period selector, but this prevents me from viewing the composite information.

3. The pie charts are useful, but a stacked bar graph of values versus time would better be able to present the NetFlow information. Examples of other products that provide this are here: (Their interface is excellent and very easy to drill down into).

I emailed these comments to your development team, and am posting them here for others to comment on.


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