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BGP AS and NetFlow

As noted on our what we're working on post, we're investigating the inclusion of BGP AS information and would love any feedback on the following:

1. What specific use-cases / problems are you interested in solving with this feature?    Are you an end-customer or a provider?

2. What specific BGP AS data would you need displayed in NTA to solve your use-cases?  

3. What BGP AS reports or charts would you expect to see in NTA?

BTW, those who respond first will get first dibs on seeing prototypes and betas 😉

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Level 7

Hey Chris,

I posted another topic recently in the NTA "What you are working on" thread.  We are medium sized financial and have multi-homed and geographically dispersed data centers, running Orion SLX, NTA, IPSLA, etc.  BGP and Traffic Engineering (TE) is a challenge in the current netflow product as it does not support aggregration cache.  Being able to aggregrate by AS or prefix, source - destination etc would be ideal for adjust route-maps and local preferences to achieve the most efficient load sharing.  Right now its a "Top Talkers" game and looking at interface loads.  Not an exact science as one will never achieve equal loads but 60/40 across diverse carriers is obtainable and netflow is the tool analyze the traffic flow

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Level 16

Hi Chris

As network engineer in small ISP/Utility  network  

I will buy the netflow to our solarwinds if the product would have some of the capabilities of the Arbor peakflow .

I don’t need the  density or the scale of the peakflow just more support to BGP and MPLS.

I think that kind capabilities will sure sell the netflow much  better to the Tier 2/3 ISPs and carrier ethernet .

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