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Allow same features on Atlas Maps to be on new Orion Maps. Including Netflow Items Case # - 00552974

Case # - 00552974 Netflow info on the Orion map.

Hello Rick,


Good day.

I have submitted this feature request to our development team as requested as the functionality that you require is currently not in our product. 
We value your opinion as a customer and without you we wouldn’t have such strong features in our products. The development teams look very closely at each one to determine viability and will decide on the timeline of the release (if they decide to implement the feature). We cannot deliver timeframes or release dates for all feature requests. 
You may also post your request to the Thwack forum for the SolarWinds product you wish to see improved.  


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Product Manager
Product Manager

@rd2627 Can you show me an example of where you have Netflow included on a Network Atlas Map? To be honest, this has never been possible, so this would be something new to either feature should it ever be implemented. Its a great idea, but not something that existed in Atlas before Orion Maps was developed or exists as a part of either function today. 

I reviewed the support case and noticed a couple statements I would clarify. You indicated Network Atlas will be no longer available next year. This is NOT true. The deprecation notice has been included as a part of the 2020.2 release but that does not mean that Atlas will be removed in the next release or even the release after.

There was a note that you would like to build the same map that you have in Atlas, in Orion Maps. Can you share a screenshot of what that looks like? The latest release of Orion Maps includes a ton of new features which should make this possible. If not, I would love to understand what those are and what items you need in order to move away from Atlas. 

Again the mapping Flow Data would be something new to SolarWinds and something @jreves and I are certainly discussing, but don't have any planned deliverable for the moment. So feel free to share what you think that should look like and your use case! That helps us understand the problems we need to help solve for.  

@mevanson - you placed "new and improved" in quotes so I would like to understand what features and functions you believe Orion Maps is missing over Network Atlas as well! If I am keeping count, and I am 😉 There are likely a few items that remain to equate to full feature parity. Without leading the witness, what is your list!? What feature add would make you comfortable with moving to Orion Maps?  

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JBlankJBlank, we can get on a web-ex and I can show you what I was referring to in the differences on Network Atlas and Orion Maps.  As for Netflow data. You are correct. That is not available on Atlas today, or Orion Maps and I should have been a little more clear on that.

How can I edit the entry to change that wording?

Let me know if interested in a Web-Ex. 

I would also like to see a feature comparison chart between Network Atlas, new Orion Maps and also the Topology Mapper feature.

Is that available somewhere?

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This will be extremely disappointing to "replace" an existing product with a "new and improved" product that doesn't contain the same functionality.  PLEASE do not retire Atlas until all features are supported in the new Maps.