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3rd Party Orion Health Email Alert Monitoring

We are starting to monitor our network through a 3rd party without visibility to our SW during nights, weekends and holidays
They will run strictly off of SW generated email alerts when a device goes down and will follow their guided procedures.

I have set up most of the email alerts that they will need except this one.

I need to set up an hourly email alert for the Orion servers to show that they are operating properly and everything is 'normal' on quiet nights.

When the email alerts stop coming in, then they will know that something is wrong with SW and they will contact me to investigate.


Any thoughts on how to create this?  There might be something already out there and I'm just not using the write search verbiage or criteria to find it.

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We wrote an alert that ran every few hours that verified a node was in the UP state and it would trigger an email. This would ensure the alerting process was running and email was working. Hope that helps.


Also Solarwinds I get this often when trying to reply to a post after clicking I'm not a robot says.

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