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rebuild Orion engine from scratch with HTML5 core functionality

rebuild Orion engine from scratch with HTML5 core functionality

the current Orion engine is dated and lacks capability that other vendors have already released. products that sit atop Orion are affected

for example , in NPM one can go down sub-menus on nodes to drill into a status. when Orion does its regular screen refresh, Boom, you are kicked out and the sub-menus are gone and you need to drill down again.

maps are another area that looks dated and feel like old tech.

imagine  if Google maps had not implemented HTML 5. who doesn't like how you can move a map around without refreshing the whole screen

just like the car industry, you can't just change the body design, the  chassis and power train need to be designed with fresh ideas on a regular bases..

what modern performance car  would use leaf springs vs struts or a carburetor vs fuel injection.

the various tools atop Orion are continuously evolving , the  Orion core needs this also

Level 14

Please see the feature request here - - very much the same intention with 85 votes as of now.  Please add your vote.

Level 16

This idea is completed by HTML5 but could use your help being voted up:

This concerns web refresh for separate views.

This idea is terrific and I noticed that idea 1501 referenced by jspanitz is "being implemented"  awesome....

One thing concerns me and that is backwards compatibility with older browsers that do not support HTML5.

Think about the road warriors, DC jockeys and the likes, needing to work on all kinds of systems they are handed, but can't.

Would an old T40 running XP and IE6,7,8, without internet connection and no other browsers be able to handle/load Orion if it were HTML5?

The new implementation of HTML5 should be able to render non-HTML5 pages for legacy browsers or the whole notion of moving to HTML5 should be put on hold, at least for a few more years.

Level 13

All of the current browsers and their recommended minimum version fully support HTML5 plus much more AND better security

any browsers that do not support HTML5 has been depreciated by the vendor and are so old , you should worry about security issues

WHY do you still use running XP and IE6,7,8?

do you think that MS still supports that?

what about  dos 3.3 and Win ME

if vendors still had to support all versions of their product little or no advance would happen

when i worked at Nortel 20 + years ago, i asked why we still support Hazeltan  terminals and why they were the default and not the current DEC VT100/VT220

no one could answer other that they recalled that some customer had asked for it.

as some point we have to move the ball forward even if 100% of the users are happy/on board

Hi wanine39

Think about the rackmount PC's, old terminal machines, laptops etc with XP an IE6,7,8, used in the DC or DMZ and that do not have an internet connection and as such, pose no security issue. These systems are the only systems permitted to access the network.

These systems must still be able to run the Orion web console.

The alternative could be to run back up 3 stories, drive half an hour to the airport, wait 2 hours for boarding, fly back to HQ <enter_time_spent_here>, boot up your system, connect with VPN back to DC, RDP to jump station in DMZ and access Orion's web console from a browser that it supports.

Once you can check the changes made in Orion you can drive back to the airport, wait 2 hours for boarding, fly back to DC <enter_time_spent_here>, pass security clearance, make more changes to the network.

Level 14

Deltona‌ I have to disagree as well.  XP and older version of IE are no longer supported and Solarwinds shouldn't worry about them for that reason alone.  We've got lots of legacy here but if we required everything new to be compatible with all the old, we'd never move forward.  The screen refresh issue is ridiculous for a enterprise NMC.  And that's just one issue with the way to GUI is currently written.  I personally don't care it it's rewritten in HTML or not, but it should be rewritten and it should be cross platform and it should be designed for the latest web standards and possible one version back.

For those not able to upgrade for legacy reasons, I'd suggest staying on the current version of Orion.

Hi J,

I understand you and everybody else's wish to move forward and use new standards. I share that same wish as well. You've actually touched on what I myself see is required to cater to everyone's needs and that is:

and possible one version back

That is exactly what I'm advocating. Make it compliant and optimized for new web standards but don't leave the hundreds, thousands maybe, of people stuck with legacy systems out in the cold.

The website would ideally present itself dynamically based on client type and supported web standards. Just like Orion displays mobile view automatically if access from a mobile browser.

So don't make it, say, HTML5 only.

Level 10

This point is moot.  Any of those "XP" era keyboard/monitor tray units can run the "thin Windows" current version and be on HTLM5 compliant browsers.

Level 10
Level 8

Bumping this request. HTML5 would make for a much improved user interface for dynamic updates, objects, and interactivity.