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"List Resources" should have ability to find and remove "Ghost Interfaces"

"List Resources" should have ability to find and remove "Ghost Interfaces"

"Ghost Interfaces" are a term we use for interfaces that did exist once in a device, but no longer do.   There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Replacing a switch with all FastE interfaces with one that has all GigE interfaces.
  • Replacing a card in a router with a higher capacity one: ie: putting in a T3 interface in place of a T1 interface
  • Removing one virtual interface and replacing it with another (ie: Tunnel interfaces)


When this happens, you get a little grey box by the (hopefully) green circle that says your device is up, like this:  ghost1.png


Now, if you go into "Manage Nodes", you will see this "ghost interface", in this case "Tunnel1".  You can select it and remove it from here if you want and AFAIK this is the ONLY way to do this without editing the database directly.


The problem with this is, having to go here to do this is not only a bit annoying, but its really easy to accidentally delete other things.   ie:  If I was to select the device along with the Tunnel1 interface, I could end up accidentally deleting both.


Usually when I WANT to do something like this, I'm in "Node Details" and I click on "List Resources".   "List Resources" will go out and discover what is on the device and allow you to monitor, or unmonitor, the interfaces and other resources on the device nice and easy.   Not only that, but its impossible to accidentally delete a device or something from here.   However, these "ghost interfaces" don't show up in list resources!!


I would like to see a section added to here which is something like "Monitored interfaces that no longer exist".   Have it work the same way as the discovered interfaces in that the interface will be selected and if I want to remove the interface from being monitored I'd just un-select it and it would then go away permanently.


This way you can accomplish everything in one place!   It gets confusing training others that you have to go to two places to delete and/or discover devices.   And I'm always having others accidentally delete the device on me and wanting me to re-add it (not to mention I've done it too!).    I think this simple addition to the "List Resources" screen would be a HUGE help to everyone!!

Level 13

I hate chasing down the ghost interfaces.  This new job position I am not also running the network and they don't always tell us of device changes.  I have to manually hunt for them about once a month right now.

Oh, didn't even think of that.  I do have something that will help find them at least.   Plug this into a page of yours as a "Custom Query" resource and it should at least find the Ghost Interfaces for you.   Unfortunately if you click on the device it takes you to the node details page.   From there you can "list resources", but unless they implement my suggestion there is now way to delete them from there! 

So, for now you'll still have to go into "Manage Nodes", manually bring up each node, expand them, then delete the interfaces...


Level 13


Level 13

And BAM!  I found a whole mess of ghost interfaces to go through.  Easier than the old way, but I would like your suggestion to get implemented.

Level 8

Thanks for the tip!  I see this saving lots of time in uncovering these ghosts interfaces!

Level 13

I would add ghost volumes as well. They even look like active volumes (not red or black) on node elements.

Level 12

It would be quicker to remove them through the API, either as a trigger action, or you could run the script periodically based on report outputs.

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