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delete option for duplicate of system dashboards

delete option for duplicate of system dashboards

When opening SETTINGS>Manage Dashboards I have System (read only) dashboards among others. When I duplicate and customize that kind of dashboeard it is not able to delete. It should change status from read only to custom. Otherwise I cannot delete duplicated dashboards when they are unsuccesfully customized and/or usless. I got message:

2020-11-09 19_21_27.png

However duplicated dashboard is not system dashboard anymore.

Level 13

Stumbled on that one also. I had to hack some SQL to delete them.

(-- A fresh backup is good to have and don't mess with the db if you don't know what you are doing --)

Run a "select * from Views" to find the viewid of the view you want to be able to remove.

Update below query with correct ViewID to make the view editable.

   UPDATE Views set system=0 where ViewID=XX

Good luck!


Product Manager
Product Manager
Status changed to: Closed

Thank you for reporting this, I have added this to the backlog for improvements.