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copy/duplicate existing user to new user

copy/duplicate existing user to new user

I would like to be able to copy an existing user, or user profile/template, to a new user account.

Level 11

I'd really like to see this feature. For example at the moment I want to copy a group and change one setting but I have to create a new group, note down the settings of the existing group and then add the settings to the new group. It takes a long time and is prone to making mistakes.

+1 for bump...?

Level 9

same here

Level 15

I could see that being beneficial.

Oh, yes, I've wanted this for over a decade!

At a minimum, I'd like to be able to clone an existing account and apply it to a test user account so I can verify views and permissions assigned to a person or group.  But being able to take an already-existing account and copy its permissions and views into a new user's account would do the job nicely!

Level 17

Another bump.

Level 17

Perfect!  +10 since yesterday BUMP!

Level 16

Image result for bump it up