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Worldmap - Unmanaged status

Worldmap - Unmanaged status

In the new worldmap feature, if all items at a single location are unmanaged (blue), the map icon still shows in green.


The only way to get a real status is to put the mouse over the mappoint.

The mappoint should be fixed to get the real status of the nodes.


Yup, and unmanaged state is not necessarily a problem.

Level 13

Yep... but that does not mean everything is ok or green

Oh absolutely, no doubt about that. I just wanted to point out the "problems" text in 'Nodes with problems'.

Level 13

Technically, this is a bug report, more than a feature request, but hey... we never know how it gets treated!

Level 13

A case has been opened (#754602 - Worldmap node status). This should be treated as a bug as the mappoints icons are on the server...  Correct statuses are Red, Green and Yellow, does not work for blue nor purple.

Have not been fixed in NPM 11.5RC3