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Wireless AP Monitoring Enhancements

Wireless AP Monitoring Enhancements

I'm bringing this back since I can't reply or edit .

In addition to ideas posted in I have some which I think are long overdue:

  • Make Machine Type of access point, the actual Machine Type and not the Machine Type of the Wireless Controller.
  • Make Access points manageable objects without license penalty which can be individually added to a Network Atlas Map. Not just adding an Access point as an ICMP node without advanced information such as clients, RSSI, etc.
  • Create custom properties for each access point so I can enter custom details about the Access Point like location information.
  • Access point visibility on switches.
  • Create Dependency where access point has a Parent of the switch to which it is attached. (courtesy of cbaser)
Level 9

This is desperately needed.  Having to log into each of my controllers and generate an inventory list is a pain when you have a hundred controllers.

Also, please make sure that the Serial Number is returned FROM THE CHASSIS and not the PCB. 

Level 12

Thanks for the response Richard but in some  of our environments we are handed environments that don't allow direct ccess to teh AP either ICMP or SNMP.

Level 7

We need Wireless Heatmaps for Extreme Networks Access Points in Solarwinds, Cisco is only supported. That is not enough for the hole world

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