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Wireless AP Monitoring Enhancements

Wireless AP Monitoring Enhancements

I'm bringing this back since I can't reply or edit .

In addition to ideas posted in I have some which I think are long overdue:

  • Make Machine Type of access point, the actual Machine Type and not the Machine Type of the Wireless Controller.
  • Make Access points manageable objects without license penalty which can be individually added to a Network Atlas Map. Not just adding an Access point as an ICMP node without advanced information such as clients, RSSI, etc.
  • Create custom properties for each access point so I can enter custom details about the Access Point like location information.
  • Access point visibility on switches.
  • Create Dependency where access point has a Parent of the switch to which it is attached. (courtesy of cbaser)
Level 13

Add support for Juniper/Trapeze wireless controllers.  Also Ubiquity networks, however they are in need of a MIB update.

Level 16

Serial number pulled from the WLC please please please

We want to use NPM as our inventory repository but we are missing too many serial numbers....

Level 8

Ditto on the serial number and custom properties.  We also need a way for correlating lwapp ap's to their upstream switch so that when the switch goes down the alerts on the ap's are suppressed.

Level 8

Juniper/Trapeze support would be very welcome!

Level 16

We have over 9000 aruba wireless access points; they all have two controllers: a primary controller and a secondary controller. Right now the thin wireless access points are non-sticky. What I mean by this is that if the WAP cannot be found on a controller then it is deleted fom the orion database, along with all of its history. It also looks as if a WAP changes from its primary to its backup controller (e.g. when we upgrade a controller) then it may disappear from the old controller and move to its new controller, again deleting the WAP and its associated data. According to the WAP table we have (had) over 109,000 thin wireless APS on campus. This is obviously not true.

Change 1: Provide a management interface to thin wireless access points.

  1. Management state (up/down/unmanaged)
  2. They can only be deleted by the UI or API (they are not deleted automatically)
  3. Custom properties
  4. Add a primary and secondary controller address so the same AP can be  associated with more than one controller


                History for APS would not be deleted automatically

Change 4: Integrate LLDP data with the thin AP

  1. e.g.

SELECT NodeID, LocalPortNumber FROM Orion.NodeLldpEntry where RemoteSystemName ='UMSW.3.43'





The NODEID is sufficient to provide a link to the device this AP is plugged into; note: this is not the controller node for the AP, this is the switch it’s plugged into.

The interfaceID is sufficient to link to the interface (in NPM), or the port (in UDT)

Effect: it often useful with APS to toggle the port state they are plugged into – this effectively power cycles the AP and reboots it, which may be sufficient to restore service.  This would speed up the process to find that interface.

One thing I do know then is if you want to manage your LLAPs directly in the Cisco world then you need to enable that function from the WLC seprate from the WLC - this is the same with the monitoring of the LLAPs with snmp.

Level 9

I'd like to second the request for enhancements to Ubiquiti monitoring. Would love to get user counts for APs, throughput numbers, etc.

Level 11

Being able to unmanage AP's would be useful and getting proper CPU + Memory stats on a Ruckus ZD5000 

Level 8

Maybe you could add Meru APs and controllers to the list as well?

We use Aruba wireless and all of the AP information comes through the controller. It would be great if that individual AP information could come to Solarwinds so that we could look at all the APs from our preferred tool.