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Volume Re-discovery Process in Solarwind

Volume Re-discovery Process in Solarwind

Hello Team,

We came across with the problem, where most of the Volumes(New Volumes) are not getting added automatically in solarwind. The current " Rediscover" Feature should also poll New Volume information and it should add it same as Interfaces.

In a large environment with 4000+ Nodes and 15 Additional Pollers, its really difficult to configure Discovery Schedules for individual pollers.

Let me know if any more information is required.

Good Luck.

Jaimin Pithadia

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Level 11

This has my vote! it's like a sonar discovery job that scans existing nodes for new resources. In fact, it's exactly that.

Level 7

Does SWagent based monitoring provide any help in this regard?

It definitely would be a costly operation for the tool, but then you have my vote

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Level 12

We need this.

Level 14

SolarWinds would need to be re-architected in hundreds of ways to provided automated management similar to SCOM. It won't happen anytime soon. So in the meantime you have the glorious wonders of AppStack.

Level 14

Hmmm. I need that too.

Level 10

we need this too

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Level 8

Been caught out on this, volume filled up causing a major outage and I have to deal with a please explain. Volume was managed but renamed or resized at some point I guess and stopped reporting.

I have now created a hacked solution for removing stale volume entries. An Alert that detects volumes that are down or unknown but the the node is up, this fires off an email followed by triggering a powershell script that deletes the volume from SQL and adds it to the DeletedVolumes table.

My next challenge is then getting the 'new' volumes added in automatically via network discovery.