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Vmware NSX Support

Vmware NSX Support

I think this feature request sits in a grey area somewhere between NPM and Virtualization Manager but it nice to see solarwinds be able to monitor or support Vmware NSX down the track


Level 17

We're certainly tracking NSX adoption for support. Curious - what sort of new problems are you encountering with NSX?

Level 8

Alerting of config changes is not native to NSX and is a big hole in being able to audit changes.

Level 10

It would also be nice to get some performance metrics from it, so customers can see their usage stats.  Also VPN tunnel monitoring would be good as well.


Bump for 2019! Any plans?

Level 8

We use VMware NSX, are there plans to support this product?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Level 13


Level 11

This would be big for us as well. We've ran into communication problems in NSX in the past that were not easily identified.

Level 7

Bump up for NSX-T.  I believe I saw this mentioned on the roadmap?