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Use of the ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctl’ keys to select Elements

Use of the ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctl’ keys to select Elements

Case # - 00566241 

What is the main goal of the feature?

  • To allow large groups of elements to be enabled/disabled 

Use Case

  • Example: A Catalyst 4510 chassis has 384 copper interfaces, it is also discovered with a ‘controlled’ & ‘uncontrolled’ element for each interface totalling 1152 elements. Should you wish to add/remove interfaces then the only options are all, none or individually un/checking 100’s of elements. The same applies to muting alerts. This could be easily resolved through the use of the ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctl’ keys that are standard application options for selecting element groups.
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Level 7

I agree. The ability to bulk select and de-select nodes and elements is greatly needed. 

On a specific point that you mention regarding the  ‘controlled’ & ‘uncontrolled’  interfaces. It would be good if NPM had the option to simple de-select those iftypes officially known as macSecControlledIF and macSecUncontrolledIF from the discovery process.