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Use SNMP "SET" command prior to "GET" in UnDP

Use SNMP "SET" command prior to "GET" in UnDP

I would love a way to address this issue:

For at least a device (Optima Telecom - RIO) that has multiple Inputs/outputs, i need to issue a SET command before the GET command in order to receive the value for given I/O.

Explanation here:

SW technical support confirmed that it is not possible with 10.5. (Case #477270 )

Level 9

Yeah I would essentially like a reverse UNDP to be able to set/clear alarms on our 800Mhz tower sites. I am able to do this in our legacy HP NNM environment but not in SolarWinds. I know this is possible with the engineers toolset but I would like operators to be to do this in the core product.

Level 10

Yes, I would like to be able to get SolarWinds to perform an SNMP Set on specific OIDs.

so that the values of other OIDs can be set do a similar thing. The Cisco Call Arrival Rate (CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB) OIDs includes cvCallRateMonitorEnable and cvCallRateMonitorTime. If we could update the values of these OIDs in SolarWinds as part of the Custom Pollers that are assigned to certain gateway devices we can get more useful data from the cvCallRate and cvCallRateHiWaterMark OIDs.

Level 13

I ended up creating a small script using snmpset.exe (SnmpSet (Shell Tool) | SNMP Software ) to do some of the needed SET operations. It did not worked on the use case described in the feature request and still believe it's much needed.

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