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Use CDP or vendor specific discovery protocols to turbo charge discoveries

Use CDP or vendor specific discovery protocols to turbo charge discoveries

I personally find the discovery engine completely inefficient.  Why is CDP or other, not used to aid discovery?  I could simply then scan 2 /24 management networks to discover our L3 devices, then use CDP to discover all connected devices... Currently I have to scan a /18 network to discover all of our nodes, which takes hours!  Not very good when I simply want to discover a single node I have added.

While it is of course possible to then create smaller discovery profiles, using CDP or other would decrease this discovery time immensely.

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I was just about to post this, can't figure out why it doesn't exist yet honestly!!  

Lets vote this up folks!!!

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Just having the direct CDP type information is useful for a number of things.  Parent/Child relationships, building maps, etc. 

I had a UnDP showing this on my old job.  It would be nice if this was built in.

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This is a great idea!  +1

How this, or at the absolute very least LLDP is a default option is beyond me at this point.

The protocols exist specifically for this use case. The Discovered Links report is kind of nice, but I can't export it to anything other than PDF from the web interface; besides, that's after the fact.

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Probably one of reasons why those vendors propriety NMS tools are still in business...

Solarwids discovery engine can  get snmp status of CDP|LLDP you will probably will be fine on CDP network...

Solarwinds can’t give you the full picture when you are multivendor..

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