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Uptime/Outage Reporting

Uptime/Outage Reporting


I have a need to generate a report that I'm fairly positive can't be accomplished in the current versions of NPM and SAM. If this can be done today, please offer up a solution...all ideas are good ideas.

Report requirements:

  • shows the uptime of an element in time (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)
  • shows the downtime of an element in (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)
  • shows the "maintenance time" of an element in (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)

Maintenance time can be defined as any time I put that element in an "unmanaged" state, I'm performing scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, uptime and downtime should exclude maintenance time.

A table format is fine, it doesn't need to be fancy, I just need the monthly data.

Is this possible? If not, can we put it on the wish list for future consideration?


Level 9

It can be done with a complex SQL query but building this into SolarWinds would be a really good idea.

Level 17

The availability graphs do not calculate the un managed times. I would prefer an option for maintenance that is actually separate from the un manage.

Level 14

I guess I didn't realize that until I just confirmed it. Wow! So, yes, we probably need a better maintenance option that can then be incorporated into my request.

This sounds like the types of things that may be coming in the next version of NPM. FYI rob.hock ? These are certainly associated with some of the logic of what I had in mind when we spoke last Thursday.

Level 17

We can't be too specific at present, but improvements to unmanage behavior such as this are within the scope of what we are considering: What we're working on post-NPM 11.0

Level 17

The option to choose how many 9's you want to compare against, or graphs for each set, 3, 4 and 5 9's... would be nice. Use whichever suit your situation best.

Level 7

This is a bit of Zombie thread, but I have the same issue. NPM 12, hard to believe this still hasn't been done.

Level 17

#bumpsqaud​ will make this relevant again!     nelsonj​, just you watch!

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Early Monday Morning Bump!     


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#bumpsqaud​ Unite!