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Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)

Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)

I don't want anybody to use unmanage for no reason. Because that's what they are doing for almost every down node! And I have to ask everytime why did hey do it? Then I decided to create a custom property called "Unmanage reason" (name can be different). But because it is not mandatory they always forget (or intentionally) to fill it. So it should be impossible to unmanage a node without filling the unmanage reason at least which should pops up when anyone click the Unmanage button.

These features also should be implemented along with it.

  • There is no way to extend the unmanage time via NPM Web Console. It can be changed with SQL Query Update. But it is not flexible.
  • Unmanage date should be visible on the node details page. I can only see it via reports. (Partially implemented on NPM 10.6 Beta 2)

Also the most needed features in NPM are below (IMHO)

Please vote those ideas as well if you think you need them.

Level 8

We also would like to see WHO manages\unamanges interfaces\devices!!! long over due!

Level 7

Agreed. A framework for customizing actions and linking them to requiring documentation would be a great feature. Admins could link actions within NPM to making sure certain fields are filled. This could also allow scripting to where when certain devices are added, they're automatically marked with a field, like if an ESX server is added, Physical_Server could be marked as 1.

Level 13

Agree, agree and agree. All changes we do on every system should be documented somehow. Reason for unmanagement should be mandatory together with time/dates on the same frame to fill in. And again comes back request for log - promised months ago few releases back. We are working as team with Orion and we definitely need to have automatically recorded who did what within the system. If I have that Orion log then I would know who ask why unmanaged node(s).

Level 9

I was informed that this feature will be available in 10.4.

Level 14

Auditing is ok. Now I know who unmanaged the device. But I still don't know the reason behind it. This feature is still missing.

Level 14

Still no answer from SolarWinds. They must be waiting 200 votes.

I will also post this in Granular Node Management rights, but I want to be able to take away the right to unmanage nodes all together except for admin level accounts.  Power users abuse this option just to get it off the outage board...  Frustrating

Level 14

Everybody should use the node management view. It is the most useful view in NPM. But because of the restrictions they can't.

My situation is quiet different. I already gave the node management rights to everyone. Because they need to search and list custom properties of multiple nodes in a proper way(like excel). But sometimes they accidentally delete the nodes! . And I can't undelete them. So please change the design/permissions to allow node management without any change permit.

Re: node management with out delete capability

And please implement undelete capability as well.

Level 15

Auditing was added but unforunately we weren't able to get interface auditing in the 10.4 release. Please see the "What we are working on" post for the next release of NPM for more information about this.

Level 15

Is there a specific response you are looking for here? In general, the Ideas platforms help us priotize features and give the community a very transparent way to discuss what is most important for them. However, it doesn't mean we can immediately implement the most popular feature. This was something we had considered in the past but was a lot priority. Based on the huge community response it has moved to the top of enhancements we are considering in our internal planning. It might be hard to see from the outside, but this feedback is definitely having a significant impact to our internal planning process.