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Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)

Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)

I don't want anybody to use unmanage for no reason. Because that's what they are doing for almost every down node! And I have to ask everytime why did hey do it? Then I decided to create a custom property called "Unmanage reason" (name can be different). But because it is not mandatory they always forget (or intentionally) to fill it. So it should be impossible to unmanage a node without filling the unmanage reason at least which should pops up when anyone click the Unmanage button.

These features also should be implemented along with it.

  • There is no way to extend the unmanage time via NPM Web Console. It can be changed with SQL Query Update. But it is not flexible.
  • Unmanage date should be visible on the node details page. I can only see it via reports. (Partially implemented on NPM 10.6 Beta 2)

Also the most needed features in NPM are below (IMHO)

Please vote those ideas as well if you think you need them.

Level 10

Hello everybody

I created a feature request for see more details on "Errors & Discards". If you could vote I appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Level 10

I would also like the Unmanage button to link to the Admin users for approval.

if a person wants to unmanage a device or interface, i want them to click the button and be forced to put a comment in it and then the request would go to the Orion admin for approval.  Once approved the unmanage would only be allowed for the approved time period.

Level 9

+1 from me

Level 8

This would be a great feature, just as users must enter a reason for acknowledging an alert. We currently track our unmanaged devices by ticket, but I would love to be able to pull a report from Orion of unmanaged devices along with the reason.

wondering how long something needs to remain on the top of the users voting list before it is implemented...

any word from SW?

Please enhance Network Atlas.. some functionalities of NTM could be added to Network Atlas

Level 9

I would like to see this to be used in an alert as well. As soon as someone unmananges anything I would like to send out an alert with the reason in the message.

Level 11

At least one more release wluther, as always, at least one more release.

Created June 21, 2012, 389 up votes, not implemented in 636 days (and how many product update releases) and counting.

Level 10

Hello =D please vote on this idea, this will be very usefull for all.

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Thanks in advance

Level 12

i agree....