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Unique filter/limitation per tab on a view

Unique filter/limitation per tab on a view

It would be nice to be able to set a unique limitations (or multiple filters) per tab of a view. An example would be our tcc view could have orion maps or tables based on a view that may be uniquely tagged where custom parameters wouldn't necessarily fit the bill.

Right now we can only have one limitation "production" where a tab on the page could be filtered "production" and "exchange" or "production" and "location". Or having a "stage" and a "production" view be on multiple tabs of the same view.



This request has been made many times and is still a great idea that I'm hoping gets implemented, this looks to be the oldest/highest count thread i can find for it


Also, if you don't want to wait until SW figures out how to make it an OOTB feature I will say if you create a limitation then you can apply a separate filter to each tab directly in the database by setting the limitationid for each viewid.  It works exactly the way we would hope,  I've done it many times over the years.  Only downside is if anyone edits the limitations using the GUI it will over write the entire group to have them all use the same limitationid again.  The fact that the back end behaves this way tells me it really shouldn't be a whole lot to change as it really just becomes a case where they change their code to only update a single viewid, or if they really want to get fancy they give you a radio button to select if the limitation should apply to all tabs in the group or just the one view you are editing.

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Excellent workaround!