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Undeleting an element (node/interface/volume etc.)

Undeleting an element (node/interface/volume etc.)

A few minutes ago I accidentally deleted my backbone switch (and all the interfaces of course). Since undeleting an element (node, interface etc.) is not possible (Except restoring SQL from backup) it means that I've lost all the interface statistics, node statistics (CPU, Memory, Availability) and atlas map drawing. And this is not my first time. This is a common issue for all of us. If NPM can remember an element for a specific period of time that would be great. I think It shouldn't be that hard to implement this.

PS; Please vote these ideas also if you like them of course. And I bet you do.


Please see for datawarehouse idea.

Level 8

I have just voted this feature request UP as I have now failed to uncheck the node itself while attempting to remove some volumes down within, TWICE today.  It was my fault and I am having a bad day, but please put something in place to easily restore this type of mistake, or at least a dummy window (are you sure?) before I ruin the day.

This feature would be a real life saver!

Level 10

I have also ran into this where we accidentally checked the wrong object and deleted a node.  I am not sure how this will get resolved, but we would defintely like a feature where deleted objects which are deleted is stored and the option to "undelete" or "re-add" the object that same day would be nice.  I would understand if this option would only be temporarily available.  Also, it would be nice to have an audit trail of who deleted objects and who UnManaged or ReManaged nodes.

A simple solution could be to add a flag to the record in the database such that is tagged as “removed” but still exists until the “removed” status is changed to “delete” and then the nightly DB maint will “empty the trash”. This would allow for “un-deleting” an interface, node ,etc….


Jon Frazier

Level 10

I like that idea!

Level 10

Great idea.  I know I've deleted things that I've ended up putting back in the system because I was one check box off.

Level 11

mmm. they can add an option under DB maintenance where we can set how often this "removed data" should be cleaned or put a fixed time to avoid users misconfiguration and Excessive DB size. maybe keep the data 1 week, etc.

This amount of time should be a solution "one size fits most" kind of thing.

Level 14

It has more than 200 votes and yet no attention from Solarwinds.

Level 16

I would think adding a separate table with all the main items where once a deletion is performed its all gets moved there.  Then during DB maintenance it all gets removed when its maybe 2 weeks old....  that would keep the junk from piling up, but also allow some server guy a chance days later to say " I didnt mean delete it when I said it can be removed"