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UnManage Volumes separate from Node unmanage

UnManage Volumes separate from Node unmanage

I would like to be able to unmanage a specific volume without have to unmanage the whole node. this way while we are working on fixing the space or drive issue it is not sending out constant alerts each time the space is under the threshold but then above again triggering the alert. But the rest of the node is still be monitored and alerting if something else goes bad.

Level 14

I have just run across a scenario where this would help.

We have customer server where the data drive is always +99.9% utilisation, they know and it causes them no problems.

The subnet where this server exists, has an automated discovery, that sweeps it once a week looking for new servers, drives, interface and the like.

We can easily delete the drive, only to have re-monitored next time the discovery runs (and a new disk utilisation critical alert) and I have yet to find a way to exclude the drive (if it were an interface, this would be simply) from the discovery.

If I could unmanage the volume, this wouldn't be an issue.

We have this same exact scenario in our environment. I'd love to see the feature added. For now, though, I have added a CustomThreshold property for volumes and updated the volume capacity alerts to factor in this custom property for any volume where it is not blank.