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UnDP Status on Map Icons

UnDP Status on Map Icons

We would like to be able to see UnDP status change in the map icons.  The same way we can see interface status and application status as either a child status or by being able to add it to a map of its own.

Also, see this thread:


Chrystal Taylor


guys, NPM 10.6 beta is out with this feature. is there some volunteer that may install and provide a feedback this week?

I have installed 10.6 on a test system and can see the UnDP poll in the map.  I am testing using the Cisco Enhanced SLB MIB cesRserverOperStatus, which returns a value 1-18 depending on the status of the server in the loadbalancer.  I have nodes that are responding with different values, yet the status is 1 (UP).  Can we tie the value received by the poller to the status, or is the status based on if the poll was successful?

It represents now that the poll was successful - you may see the polled value in hover over menu (the OID data)

Then is it possible for us to get a sort of transform that takes the value and maps it to a status so we can see the value graphically on the map?

Level 13

Is there documentation on how to change icons based on an UnDP poll? I've looked but cant find it.

Thanks in advance!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented