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Triggering an alert for high amounts of traffic

Triggering an alert for high amounts of traffic

I would like to see an easy way to trigger an email and/or an event alert that goes into the event listings on the Orion home page in the event of unusual activity. Perhaps a check box to send the alert and another check box to send the email? It would be nice to have this be defined by parameters by the site or by interfaces (in our case a port on a switch or access point).  We have a few IP addresses that normally will send large amounts of data on a daily basis out to a backup location in the cloud.We would like to know if some other device or location was sending that much information to another location, internally or externally.

I'd like to make this a feature request for NPM or NTA, whichever one it makes the most sense to include it into.

I have also already posted this to one of the other forums, with it assigned thread # 106368 (

We are currently on NPM 11.5.3 and NTA 4.1.2, but hope to get upgraded within a month or so.

Product Manager
Product Manager

If you voted for this feature: It's available now as an NTA Release Candidate!

Head over to the NTA Release Candidate forum, and check out the details here: NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Release Candidate

Let us know in that forum what you think, and how you're using this feature to alert on flow traffic in your network!


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: What We're Working On