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Trigger Action Adjustable Windows

Trigger Action Adjustable Windows

The 'execute an external program' is hard to work with.  There is only one line and the view into the box is tiny.  I have to copy/paste everything into Notepad++ to work with it.



     Would love to get one of these nice re-sizable windows the other frames have



monitoringlife​ I know some things often take time to become a native part of the product, but hopefully this tip will work, as well as hold you over until it becomes official. (If/when the time comes...)

Depending on which product version(s) you are running, you may need to disable the "pre-compiled web pages", which will allow you make the minor edit to one of the files in order to hold you over for a bit.

Disable Precompiled Web Pages; Making Custom Mods Great Again!

I believe that field is already a "textbox", so you should be able to simply enable the TextMode="MultiLine" option, as well as set the rows="10" option to get you a larger workspace there.

You will need to make this tiny edit in the following file, at/around line 13.



Here is a screenshot of using the two settings above.


And here is a screenshot of adding in the setting for columns="125", as well as adding a few additional rows (15).


As always, I'm no expert on anything, and I have no idea of the fallout this tiny little setting could cause. Please backup (and restore to test) before you make any changes.

Thank you,


Level 12

wluther, that's amazing!  Thanks for taking the time to reply and double so for all the screen captures, and even the line number to look for

I think I have shamelessly borrowed some of your other content for custom web pages.  Excited to review: 'Disable Precompiled Web Pages; Making Custom Mods Great Again!'.

As always, I'm happy to help. Also, there is no shame and no borrowing anything from THWACK, it's yours for the taking. Take it, use it, make it better, then show everyone how you did it!!

monitoringlife​ Also, just in case you haven't seen this page yet, it's a pretty nice little gathering of cool things to do with your SolarWinds environment. Eric (CourtesyIT​) does a good job of updating that melting pot whenever he finds new stuff, or when folks tag him on new content. It's definitely a wonderful, all around, resource.

How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds

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