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Thin AP: manage from the WebUI

Thin AP: manage from the WebUI

Thin AP are nebulous objects in the database: they are added automatically from the controller they are discovered on, but there is no way to manage them more directly, e.g. to suppress alerts on specific AP through the use of custom properties.


- allow management of Thin AP through the WebUI

- include the ability to set custom properties on Thin AP

- include the ability to delete a ThinAP (recognizing that it may be rediscovered and re-added)

- generation of alerts on specific AP

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Level 17

You can add the AP as a node to get all of these enabled.

  - It would be nice to allow some of the setup without the full node entity for the AP.

Level 16

we have 9300 thinAP's, and increasing by about 300 a year; that's a whole additional polling engine [pair] worth of hardware and software

Level 17

as well as continual discoveries so your not adding these One Piece At A Time!

Level 8

I would take linking a node to a thin AP and keeping them as one "node" in your node count.

Level 10

If they really spent significant effort in improving the handling/alerting and management of Thin APs, I wouldn't even mind them being classified as a different object type from a licensing perspective.  Either a per-Controller 'detailed wireless monitoring license' or even a much better ratio; eg each thin AP counts at 1/50th a node count or something. 

Level 8

We don't need full management but it would be nice to be able to attach properties (like location) for grouping/alerting/reporting.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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