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Test/Development Licenses

Test/Development Licenses

Disclaimer: I know that there are other threads on this but I wanted to update it in this new Idea space.

I would really like to have Test/Development licenses for SolarWinds products, at least for the products that we have purchased.  These licenses could be restricted to just a few nodes (like 10ish).

The reasons for this would be having the ability to do the following things in a non-production environment...

  • Testing upgrades
  • Testing different configurations
  • Learning the SolarWinds products for SCP (SolarWinds Certified Professionals)
    • In the case of SCP's I think they should get access to test licenses for all of the SW products to keep current
  • Creating a small training environment
  • Creating a demo environment

I am sure there are other reasons that I have not already thought of, please share if you have them and vote on this idea if you like it!

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Level 16

At my company, we are not allowed to do an upgrade or implement a new application monitor until we test in dev.  That means that we have to load all the modules as an eval, copy the DB, do the upgrades, etc. etc.  Now we have to clean all that up to test the new upgrade since the 30 days have past.

My company ended up buying NPM and SAM at lower levels to accomodate this.  But upper management could not understand why there is no "development" or test license that we can buy or why maintenance is so high on a dev system.  We did not have the budget to duplicate NTA, IPAM, IPSLA, UDT, Failover or NCM, so we 'wing it' with those.  But we have to find a solution to those soon....

This is needed for true enterprise customers.  I understand the risk of loss revenue due to people abusing the license, but I think there are ways around it since the prod and dev would both be on the same network.

We would love to see this happen, my management would be "stuck" on Solarwinds!

Level 9

I can't believe this either.  Basically Solarwinds would have us expend the energy and develop the anger by going and downloading their free trial 12 times a year for every product.  What a waste.  It's disappointing when a vendor, who wants to be treated like a partner, makes their partners jump through all of these hoops just to use their product.

Level 10

Need to test the NCM 7.02 upgrade and new features since we have NPM and NCM on different servers, the evaluation copy does not allow that scenario  it is not possible to test since this a major upgrade, we need to test in the lab to see if we would want to tie both together.  The evaluation copies should be able to allow to test all features.

Level 8

I would love to see this for the LEM as the 30 day evaluation window is not always enough time for everyone to make a decision about the product.

Level 21

With Microsoft I have TechNet subscription which gives me access to all Microsoft products for lab purposes, this is the type of thing that I am looking for.

Level 12

I think this is a great idea, especially for implementations requiring some level of reliability confirmation prior to deploying new release in production environment.

Level 12

Not sure what you referring to as "evaluation copy does not allow that scenario". All evals are not locked on functionality, the only "lock" of such is the time you have left until eval ends...

We also bought smaller licenses for NPM and SAM so that we could have a development environment. It's making for a great playground to test new monitors and evaluate new releases before moving into production.

As @Phillipmanning said we had purchased a smaller license set for testing/dev work, I know at least one of the big 3 provides huge discounts on dev/test instances as long as there is a valid production license.

These days it just makes sense to be able to do evaluation testing of new releases, release candidates, proof of concept, etc on a non-production implementation....if you have only one environment, living on the bleeding edge can hurt...a lot !!

Level 13

I strongly agree with this idea.  We have some very recent experience with an upgrade that brought our system to it's knees and took Orion developers over a month to resolve.  I would have much rather have discovered the issue on small development system than have inflicted pain on the production universe.  I don't even mind paying for it but obviously it should be at a much more reduced rate than a full system even less than the minimal production licenses.  Something that will handle about 10 devices and no more