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Test/Development Licenses

Test/Development Licenses

Disclaimer: I know that there are other threads on this but I wanted to update it in this new Idea space.

I would really like to have Test/Development licenses for SolarWinds products, at least for the products that we have purchased.  These licenses could be restricted to just a few nodes (like 10ish).

The reasons for this would be having the ability to do the following things in a non-production environment...

  • Testing upgrades
  • Testing different configurations
  • Learning the SolarWinds products for SCP (SolarWinds Certified Professionals)
    • In the case of SCP's I think they should get access to test licenses for all of the SW products to keep current
  • Creating a small training environment
  • Creating a demo environment

I am sure there are other reasons that I have not already thought of, please share if you have them and vote on this idea if you like it!

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Level 16

I am in the same boat, with over 5000 components and over 3000 being 'critical' the testing for an upgrade is crazy.  The upfront cost is one thing, I would think that could be handled with basic discounts, but the maintenance is the long term killer.  There NEEDS to be a solution to the maintence of dev systems.

This is where having a dedicated sales person can help understand YOUR installation and help cater to YOUR needs....

When we do upgrades we have a select representative test set of monitors that mirrors each type in production as it would be hard to do a full regression test of everything.  Maybe not a DEV license, but rather a non-production license which would cover dev/dr/QA/test like HP does. It runs about 25% of the PROD level license if I recall correctly.

Level 12

I have a NPM , SAM , NTA , WPM and just purchased ignite - 

NPM, NTA , SAM - all unlimited  , WPM-50 CAL  , Ignite 50 instances for SQL

All these products are under support and I pay a pretty penny every year for annual maintenance and with that i should be able to install the products in a DEV environment with some limitations of course that get tied to a dev instance ..  

Level 13

Now that’s what I’m talking about

One thing about your Dev/DR is a good place from which to monitor your production SolarWinds environment. 

"Someone has to watch the watcher" might as well be you so you know if you have a problem. (Cheap insurance)

Level 12

I am curious, do other vendors offer a reduced price for development versions of their software? I know in my vendor reviews we found the SolarWinds pricetag to be a HUGE benefit. We pay a fraction for a full Orion suite as we would pay for even the entry level products from competitors.

Back when I was heavily involved with HP Openview…agents for non-production environments were 25% of the cost of a production agent.

I believe the discount was the same for other products as well.

Level 21

Other commercial software vendors we work with provide us the ability to install the software in a lab environment for no additional cost.

Level 21

I would even be cool with the Microsoft model where I get a "Tech Net" like subscription for a small annual fee that gives me access to install small lab (while still 100% functional) versions of all the SolarWinds software that I have licensed. 

Level 13

Spiceworks monitors our monitoring servers