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Test/Development Licenses

Test/Development Licenses

Disclaimer: I know that there are other threads on this but I wanted to update it in this new Idea space.

I would really like to have Test/Development licenses for SolarWinds products, at least for the products that we have purchased.  These licenses could be restricted to just a few nodes (like 10ish).

The reasons for this would be having the ability to do the following things in a non-production environment...

  • Testing upgrades
  • Testing different configurations
  • Learning the SolarWinds products for SCP (SolarWinds Certified Professionals)
    • In the case of SCP's I think they should get access to test licenses for all of the SW products to keep current
  • Creating a small training environment
  • Creating a demo environment

I am sure there are other reasons that I have not already thought of, please share if you have them and vote on this idea if you like it!

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Don't forget DR solutions......

Level 17

In every company I've been at, the salesperson said I could buy a test/dev license for 50% of the list price. So I would buy the smallest license of whatever I needed (NPM 150, SAM 200, etc) and set it up on a VM using the local (SQLExpress) database option. It was usually well within my company's ability to do that.

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Level 9

Considering that the monitoring tools my company has purchases are used to keep an eye on our most critical systems, by definition, this system itself is critical.  I cannot imagine the actions my management would take should an alert for an ERP system be missed while manufacturing lines are down.

I'm not saying that just having a development environment would prevent this.  However, a persistent development environment would significantly decrease the risks involved with periodic patching, upgrades and development of the monitoring environment and software.

As Jfrazier and familyofcrowes suggest, enterprises require enterprise level solutions that mitigate risks as much as possible. Development/testing environments are one of those solution features that is not truly appreciated until it's too late (and usually through a very negative experience).

Level 19

Leon Adato, you have a typo. 10% came out as 50%/

But seriously, the ability to have lab licenses would be HUGE.

It probably makes sense to limit the training licenses for no fee training only. Commercial training would still require licensing.

Level 12

agreed this test or dev license would have helped me out a few times in the old job and the new place .. I see no reason if I own the product and have paid for the product and I am current on my support that I can not run a Dev\stg environment to test upgrades and customize alerts , reports , views or tweak thing before i roll into production  

Level 11

90 days free trail will help...

Level 17

I'm going to argue on the side of SolarWinds for a minute on this "longer free trial" thing:

What would you be able to do in 90 days that you can't do in 30?

Really, if you are seriously evaluating a monitoring solution then set up your test bed, set up your test server, install it, run your tests, take snapshots, print screens/reports, fill out the evaluation form (, and get 'er done.

And IF, by some weird coincidence of events, your world explodes on day 2 of the test, you re-image the server with a new name, download the software, and install it for another 30 days. In fact, you can keep doing that - scrub, rename, reinstall, run for 30 days - for as long as you can invent new email addresses and dodge SolarWinds sales calls.

AND IF, for some reason, that's not enough, buy the smallest license they have (NPM SL100 - which gives you 100 elements - lists for $2600 purchase and $500 maintenance). Then you can run your proof-of-concept, do the development to link it to your ticketing system, document processes for onboarding, device management, custom properties, build views etc and THEN buy the license level that suits your environment.

But if you are saying that all of the above is not good enough for a trial test of Solarwinds, then what I'm hearing is that a "90-day trial for an UNLIMITED copy of SolarWinds" is really just a euphamism for "let's monitor our environment for 3 months for free"

Level 12

I second that Leon, 90 days is definitely bit too long in my books

Level 13

I’m thinking you guys are a little off base on the intent of this discussion. What most of are looking for is a permanent development setup that allows us to test upgrades and patches on production versions we already own. This has nothing to do with trialing new software that we don’t own. I for one have thousands of devices running on a production system running Orion NPM and various modules. I hold my breath every time an upgrade/patch comes out simply because I don’t have a parallel development system to test it on. Why because the cost of even a small parallel development/test system is too expensive