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Unless I'm mistaken, it appears there have been requests to add time zones into various SolarWinds tools since 2004.  This feature is an absolute MUST HAVE.  Our single Orion NPM server monitors nodes globally.  It currently takes significant assistance from a SQL dba to modify any scripts to adjust for the various time zones.  I attempted to create a custom property in Node management for a GMT offset integer so it can be used later for reporting in Report Writer, but this is insufficient as there are some cities that have half hour offsets (Bangalore, India is GMT +5.5).

Please tell me I'm missing something.  Otherwise I cannot understand how this feature could be skipped for 8 years!  How can a tool like Orion NPM miss such an obvious feature!

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Level 13

Amen to this request.  I have regional IT's demanding business hour reports.  Right now I have to manually calculate what the business hours for a particular location and then write a custom report for that location.  This results in about 25 custom reports which are all the same report but different business hours.

Level 9

With the assistance of our SQL DBA we have a dozen custom reports that adjust for the various time zones where we have offices.  It got me a better understanding of sql scripts/queries but I'm hoping this feature request is added to the product soon.

Level 12

Could be handy if instead of modifying report one was given option to provide some arguments to run report against

Level 9

I suggest that Orion default to recording time in UTC in the DB and leveraging the Client timezone to display the data. This would allow a user from one timezone to look at devices he/she supports without having to convert time.

Also, adding a custom property to a node / group of Business Hours and Business Days would allow for customized reporting and alerting based upon the business hours of the associated node / group.

Level 9

I agree there needs to be more flexibility/functionality with use of timezones.  I'm not sure I would want the default recording time as UTC in the DB.

I definitely would like Business Hours and Business Days as an added feature.  It seems we are in agreement SolarWinds should make enhancements to time adjustment.

Level 12

My company also struggles with the time differences between our support staff and our customer's node/application monitors.  If there was an ability to add time zone and daylight savings time info to a node when added to NPM along with an ability to detect Orion user time zones and DST, maybe through the browser, it would then seem like a simple task for SW to provide both of these times (Orion user and customer node) in things such as logs and node/application detail screens.  This should also give us the ability to do things like generating alerts or reports using the local time of either the Orion user or the customer, depending on the target audience for the alert/report.

I would give this enhancement 100 thumbs up if it was possible since this is one of my biggest issues with the use of Orion in our environment.  Wish there were more in the Thwack community that were speaking out about this.  For reference I did find a very old thread on the topic ()

Level 7

I also come from a large enterprise that needs this support. I suspect that too many customers do not have the geographic spread of WAN's to vote this higher and as such it will never be developed.................the thing is Solarwinds will never been seen as a viable tool for many large enterprises simple because of this kind of lack of support.

Level 12

makes a very, very good point.  If SolarWinds is at all interested in attracting and keeping larger enterprises, they really should be reviewing these types of requests not only based on interest but also based on future marketability.  If looked at from that viewpoint, I think that SW would have no choice but to consider this idea in particular.

Level 8

here we also just bought solarwinds for monitoring our network equipment with a global presence.

this would be more then just an added value. it would make the product perfect.

Level 18

I've posted about this before as well. You can find my analysis here: