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Support for monitoring virtual infrastructure in an environment using NAT

Support for monitoring virtual infrastructure in an environment using NAT

We are a major Service Provider who manage many hundreds of customers ranging from small to enterprise size customers.

We need to use Network Address Translation to overcome IP address range conflicts between our many customers private networks.

We have recently discovered that when monitoring virtual infrastructure in NPM the devices you discover in UCSM or VCenter will not match up if you add them individually because it links them via the IP address in UCSM or VCenter.

Obviously, in a NATed environment, the "real IP address" in UCSM or VCenter will not match the "NATed IP address" we need to use to manage the node.

If these were managed via the unique object ID (or some other truly unique ID) then we could modify the IP address without breaking the device relationships and the overview would still work even when the devices traverse a NAT for management.

We are planning to scale up our large, centralised NPM implementation and use a cookie cutter approach to deploy virtual infrastructure for multiple customers with the same private IP range but NAT for management purposes.

Currently we cannot do this without the ability for NPM to be able to monitor virtual infrastructure where there are NATs in place.

I recently raised an incident on this, because most other aspects of NPM work fine where we use NATs, and was advised that this feature is not supported?

I would really like to see the "single pane" integrated view of virtual infrastructure monitored in NPM working in an environment which includes Network Address Translation.

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