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Support for SilverPeak SD-WAN Orchestrator monitoring

Support for SilverPeak SD-WAN Orchestrator monitoring

Right now using SNMP I am able to monitor each SilverPeak edge device independently for interface traffic with NPM.   With NTA I can get more details about that traffic.

However, with the Orchestrator there are Latency, Jitter, Loss, and Boost stats between devices that would be very helpful to see in Solarwinds for monitoring of our devices.

In addition seeing what configurations for Application definitions and groupings would be very valuable.

Thank you


Please, Please, Please 😉

With the new direction of WANs to SD-WAN this is a very important piece to see traffic end to end from what device to what device and how it was classified and routed.

Level 12​,

It appears you are getting SNMP and NTA data. My client like this request and as such I have voted for ti as well. I question I have is how did you get NTA to show the Silverpeak data? We are seeing it configured and see it via wireshark,however NTA seems to be ignoring it.

Best Regards,

Derik Pfeffer


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting
Level 7

Can we please get rest api calls integrated?