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Support for Cisco FirePower & Palo Alto Firewalls

Support for Cisco FirePower & Palo Alto Firewalls

Adding Cisco ASA is very good, but ASA line up will be soon EOL and replaced with FirePower 2100, 4100, etc. It would beneficial to add support for FirePower and Palo Alto deep Integration support for things like VPN Tunnels, ACL Filters, etc.

Level 12

Yes. Add Palo Alto!

Level 9

FirePower Support as part of the enhanced ASA monitoring please. We are planning to move to fire power in the next quarter as i'm sure most ASA users will be.

Level 11

Yes this should be done asap

Level 8

this would be great for both please....

Level 14

Yep, this is coming for us as well. I like the ASA stuff and this is going to be crucial going forward.


A must supported device should be in NPM now.

Level 8

We got both FirePower and Palo Altos. Just got NPM the other day. Tomorrow we will be replacing our ASAs with FirePower 4110s so I will be loosing all the nice ASA features I just got!

Sadly, unless I don't properly understand NCM and its inability to support FTD and FCM, you'll discover you've also lost your ability to manage, alert on, and restore firewall configuration changes. 

Or, are you putting ASA software on your 4110's instead of FTD software?  In that case you might not be so badly off . . .