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Support Win-RM for node details polling in NPM

Support Win-RM for node details polling in NPM

Please add an option to use Win-RM for node polling on relevent devices. Using this in lieu of WMI+DCOM is the new standard and requires far fewer ports to be opened on firewalls. (Thanks for adding this to SAM for application monitoring!)

For further clarity for interested parties, Win-RM still utilizes WMI for querying CIM data on the endpoint. The legacy approach with WMI uses DCOM to communicate, and requires a combination of ports: 135 (RPC endpoint mapper), 445 (SMB), and 1024 - 65536 (dynamic, aka ephemeral RPC ports). WMI queries that use Win-RM simply rely on WS-MAN, which is an HTTP-based protocol over port 5985 or 5986. With regard to the queries, Microsoft has moved away from WMI commands (Get-WmiObject) in favor of CIM commands (Get-CimObject), which are now more feature-rich than the older set.

For some environments, this may eventually make it easier to poll both Windows and Linux nodes with a single type of credential and protocol.

Level 13

Our Windows team has asked for this as well.  Win-RM is preferred over straight WMI.

Level 9

This would be nice to have due to our Agency requesting this over WMI.

Gimme Gimme

This would be epic!

Level 20

WMI was never a great protocol to begin with.  It sounds like it still needs WMI anyhow though?