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Stop making default minimum report size 2 mb

Stop making default minimum report size 2 mb

Stop making default minimum report size 2 mb

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Level 11

It's not the config change report in NCM. It's the NPM reporting. Reports on disk drives, etc. it's 2 megs even when  it's empty.

Ah.  I'll check that out in my environment.  Thank you for clarifying!

Level 12

Can we get this Feature Request BUMPED UP?

Yes, please! Bring back the good old days of tiny inboxes!! (Not sure why Outlook adds an extra MB to these once you load emails further back than the default display.)

Just from looking at the actual email contents between the 2 different sized emails, they both look near identical

Other than the date, can you tell which one has a file size more than 4x larger than the other?


I'd also like to have just a simple, plain text, type of thing. I mean, keep the table format, but I don't need 5+ titles above my data. Just let me send out, "Login Failure Report", directly followed by the table data. Oh well, all of that just to say yes, great idea, and you have my vote!

Level 8

When reports show up in the inbox as HTML, they take a while to open usually 5-8 seconds in outlook.  This was not teh case in our old orion, but didn't notice it until we started creating more daily reports for Ops Team.

Level 7

This is causing a lot of headache for the organization, as we have lots of reports sent in HTML format... sometimes, Outlook freezes because of this