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Stacked Primary Pollers / Aggregate SolarWinds Orion data

Stacked Primary Pollers / Aggregate SolarWinds Orion data

1. Its just a thought, i understand there are several implications to it but .......

2. Why cant we have multiple primary pollers hitched together on a single Orion View (I understand we have EOC , can we remove this dependency? Or we could still leave EOC and AWS in place for different reasons like latency, security, region based monitoring etc and we could leave that for the customer to decide what's best for him/her based on the env)

3. SolarWinds has released a similar feature for DPA in the latest release -> "See aggregate DPA data in one Orion view", why can't it be done for other modules.........

4. I might want to install 2 primary pollers in my environment and remove EOC or I might not even use a AWS if this is possible.

5. I should be able to access my SolarWinds Orion from both the links -> For example: https://solarwinds1 & https://solarwinds2 , since data is already aggregated i can view complete infra information or I might as well decide to stop one link and expose the other link to access my solarwinds.

6. Let the licensing remain as is, this is not really a feature request wrt to licensing.

7. I understand that there is a dependency on the DB as well, in the above scenario should we use 2 separate DB's or can both the instances(primary pollers) connect to the same DB , if its separate DB's then a re-arch is required and a new interface or mechanism needs to be designed to fetch the information from both the DB's as it can display information on a single console. If its a single DB then there is another problem as both primary pollers will be writing info simultaneously to the same DB, assuming APE count will still remain as is (20 APEs when you have stacked primary pollers, ideally it will now be 19 as one slot would be used by second primary poller).

8. We might as well need a new way to upgrade the modules as well in the above case, when you upgrade the first primary poller 'SolarWinds Orion Scalability Engine' should auto detect that another primary poller exists in its environment and changes to DB schema or tables shouldn't be performed when the second primary poller is being upgraded in the same environment.

Well i am sure i would receive down votes but as mentioned on my first point its just a thought happy reading .......

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