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Solarwinds Orion Logs to be visible from the Console

Solarwinds Orion Logs to be visible from the Console

It will be an easy task if we could view the Solarwinds Orion logs directly from the console ( My Orion Deployment). Thereby, saving time in taking a RDP session and then searching for the orion logs.

Suggestion: If possible the indexing of the Orion logs should be in a systematical format example- Alert Execution Log, Collector Log, Information Service Log, Job Engine Log, and so on. A Log tab next to the Diagnostics tab will be a perfect place to download Orion Logs from!

My Orion Deployment.JPG


@RaviK; @sagar.b ; @abdhijasharma ; @gangadhar.k ; @defieguy ; @siddhesh.m ; @devendrab 

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@99kushal  seems a good idea!

With field highlighting and search!

Good idea @99kushal ! Upvoted! 🙂

How are you going to see the logs when the web console is down? I don't see much of a value from this.


I love this idea. There are many, many instances where this would be helpful.

Anything provides more information is a winner 🙂

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I would also recommend taking into account:

  • Temporarily setting the log level for a specific product and feature and then have it reset after a specified amount of time.
  • Have it be context aware enough so that the logs are pulled from the associated polling engine.
  • Have a health service check ensure logs are reset back to default, as sometimes the logs don't snap back and use considerable space and resources.
  • Have the logs parse out IP addresses, so that logs can be forwarded to Solarwinds without revealing network details.

Brilliant idea!!

We do not have to request for RDP access from the security teams as the Diagnostic logs could be downloaded from this page itself. 

Yes, Web Console access is required but without that even the My Orion Deployment page will not be accessible.

Diagnostics is also supposed to be a part of health 🙂

@raymondakrawi @99kushal 

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Thank you everyone for your Kudos and your inputs!🤗

I hope to see this feature in the upcoming update, can't wait to get our lives a bit simpler!! 🤠🤠

A possible use case for the ELK stack in Orion? (Not sure about functional overlap or licensing limitations.)