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Site location and contact information information in NCM

Site location and contact information information in NCM

I know you can add custom field to store contact and site information but that would be a pain to entry for each node in NCM.   It would be nice to be able to Site information  like, location, contact information, etc and have an Site ID and when entering a node you can select the site from a drop down list  or start typing the name a list to choose from comes up.  This way all equipment for that site would have consistent inforamtion and not making adding nodes a typing exercise.  So when a device goes down, you can click on it and get site contact information without having  to refer  to another source.   Plus having the site information link this way, when the contact information needs to be update for personel changes, you only have to edit in one location,

Level 9

I may not fully understand this request, but I have been using Custom properties for this.  I know it is a lot to input, but if you will have to enter it somewhere anyway.  Plus the custom properties give you a lot of flexibility in reporting and alerting.  Such as if the node goes down, send an email to the site contact.

Level 12

I think he means that it would be nice if those fields transferred from NPM instead of having to type in the information twice? ?

Level 10

Yes, that is exactly what I meant, not having to enter it twice.  I am not SQL expert but I would think if you have 1000s of nodes and only need to keep say a 100 of sites with address, contact ect.  I do not think it would be hard to add, just another table.  Just like adding another node, you just add another site. So when entering the node, pick it from a drop down list  or lookup the site number field before you add the node and manually enter the node so that piece of hardware is link to the site. Just make it a mandator field.   Having all the text fields would waste disk space plus would wind up to be inconsistent. We have site contact people change often,  updating for every piece of equipment at  the site, would be a nightmare.  We have a seperate access DB that we keep information for the site and serial numbers since not all device report the correct serial # through snmp plus it is hard trying keep spares and unused equipment in NCM.  It would be nice if you could.

Level 9

I think the custom property values flow from NPM to NCM since they are tied to the node itself.

Level 14

Connecting the dots to another request: