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Show how many users are logged into SolarWinds

Show how many users are logged into SolarWinds

There are times I would like to know how many users or if a specific user is logged into SolarWinds. I would like to see a feature that would allow me to do this.

Level 8

Agreed.  I would like to be able to reach out to those users to notify them of impending server maintenance, upgrades, patches, etc. as well.  By individually identifying them, to send them an email for example, or to broadcast a message to them or even better to individually message them,  Thanks.

Level 10

This would be particularly useful when using Active Directory Groups to be able to see individual users.

Seems like good idea!

Level 9

Great idea, would be useful to keep track of who is logged in and when. eg. you want to check if a certain administrator is currently logged in and performing the tasks they are meant to.

Level 10

Yes, it's quite useful, especially when dealing with NPM Server / DB Server performance issues.

I believe , it shouldn't cost lot of time for the developers to introduce it, it should be one SQL statement to display on the Dashboard corner

Level 7

Definitely a value added feature if made available, we have been trying to find a way to connect user volume with front end performance

Level 12

This would be very useful to see what teams are actually using the product.

Level 16

You can get kinda close with this report, it will show who is logged in today. You can adjust the times as needed.




It's a great idea & will give documented support for the justification of a new AWS each time the load grows.

Level 10

Voted. Created a SAM template to list current Solarwinds users. ( But hope SW can give us native solution.