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ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Integration

It would be wonderful if SolarWinds had a ServiceNow Certified Integration such as Splunk, Sumo, ScienceLogic, Xenoss and others offer.

ServiceNow | Certified Partner Integrations, ITIL Integration

Level 18

If you are going to dream, dream big:

Fully certified, two-way integration with all the major vendors, so that when SolarWinds sends an alert into the ticket system it gets the ticket number back. Then the alert engine has an option so that if a ticket is already open for the same alert, same element, a new alert/ticket is NOT cut.

Acknowledgement in SolarWinds causes the ticket to be updated to an "acknowledged" (but not closed) state.

There is actual service-now integration with Orion, but you would want to use the SDK.  There isn't any direct API to the best of my knowledge.  Alert Manager can tie into this as well, as necessary. It really depends on how you're using service-now.

Level 9


Thank you so much, you gave me a great laugh. I completely agree. I appreciate your better spelling out the requirements.

Level 7

You can integrate Solarwinds with ServiceNow in the time it takes you to finish your morning coffee using eyeShare from Ayehu:

Ayehu eyeShare integrates with Solarwinds Orion

Level 10

does native integration in-between NPM 11.5 and Service Now FUJI is possible now without any 3rd party tool?

Level 11

My kingdom for an alert action to perform a JSON call or at least an HTTPS POST function!

Let's drag "Advanced Alerts" into the 21st century.

Level 11

We are struggling to develop a supportable method for creating incident tickets in CA Service Desk from Orion advanced alerts... Leon; I like the way you think!

Level 18

This episode of SolarWinds Lab dives into JSON and REST with a vengance. Although the focus is Slack integration, there's a section at the end specific to ServiceDesk and all of the techniques would work with any REST-ful application:

SolarWinds Lab #40: Awesome Alert Integration: Slack, Service Desk and More - YouTube

Meanwhile, if you check out What We're Working on Now (What We're Working on for NPM (Updated January 7th, 2016) ) you will notice that ServiceNow figures noteably into the planned improvements!

Level 9

What is the plan to get node information, like host names in to ServiceNow as CI's?

Level 12

Will/has servicenow certify the integration  between solarwinds and servicenow?