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See which Alerts apply to which nodes

See which Alerts apply to which nodes

It would be great to see which Advanced Alerts are associated with a particular node. It would be handy especially when you have a lot of Alerts.

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You can place $variables in your alert text or e-mail that identify which node fired the alert.

That's not what I'm looking for. It would be good to select a node and then see which Advanced Alert are applicable to this node.

All my alerts include node details otherwise it would be a pretty pointless alert


Isn't this the "Active Alerts on This Node" resource under Node Details pages?  Or am I misreading the request?


You are misreading the request. I'm asking to see which alerts (non triggered) are applicable to a node. That I can check to see if certain alerts will run against the particular node according to my trigger conditions (without having to trigger the alerts).

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Could you elaborate and give us a case figure? The way it is described now doesn't make sense to me...


I'm not sure that is possible - if the trigger conditions are satisfied, the alert would be triggered?

I'd like to look at a node and run that node's details against all the advanced alerts and see which ones are applicable.

So if I don't want to receive any more alerts on a particular node, this will quickly show me which alerts I need to modify so that this particular node no longer triggers those alerts.

Make sense now?

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This is indeed possible with NPM 11.5 RC: What We're Working On: New Alerting Engine

There is a new "All Alerts that could be triggered by this object" resource available.

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Tune in to SolarWinds Lab next week, and watch Rob and I go over EXACTLY this kind of thing!

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