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Search and/or multiple filters in "manage dependencies"

Search and/or multiple filters in "manage dependencies"

I have found recently that managing dependencies for nodes is much more cumbersome than a majority of the system.  The only search function is ctrl+f in the browser, or a custom Sql query.  Having tiered filters and a search function would be a great help in setting up and maintaining this section of the product.

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Level 9

This is odd that there is no search feature at the Manage Dependencies [11.5]. Does this change in 12.01?

Secondly; We edit node names frequently due to status of the customer's account [Move, Suspend, Install, Disco...] and I noticed a node dependency got changed when we changed the node name, but did not change back when the name was updated from [Move - (customer name)] to just [customer name]. As this just was identified today, I have not yet tested to see if this is consistent, intermittent, or an ID10T error.