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Scheduled Discovery Results Report

Scheduled Discovery Results Report

Solarwinds is a great idea for monitoring our system and network. Also discovery tool is so effective to find out if any missing node.

if system management team setups a new server and forgets to add in solarwinds, we can find that via discovery tool. And there is a little missing feature about that.

Solarwinds already has a scheduled discovery tool inside. But there is no feature for reporting the discovery results to admins. This is an excellent feature that must be implemented to solarwinds.

we are discovering our network every week and we have hundreds of nodes here. we need to compare that details, and we need to be informed after the discovery.

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I totally agree. This is 2018! We need this kind of insight in an enterprise environment like yesterday!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Did this ever get implemented?

I'm looking through discovery trying to understand if there are in-built reports/exports that allow you to easily identify a delta to your previous discovery.