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SNMP and WMI Poll Failed

SNMP and WMI Poll Failed

I am working on a Requirement Where Solarwinds is Currently Reporting Over 100 Devices Failed for SNMP or WMI Poll,

However when we go into the Manage Node Option and Run the test, the  SNMP /WMI Test Passes,

The Next Step was to run a custom Report, this also pulled out few Servers, which were then tested for SNMP/ WMI Poll and the test passes, the devices also report Performance and Availability Stats.

Hence to Validate this, i reached out to Solarwinds Support and they worked on a Web Ex Session only to confirm that this feature for now is not supported, There are no way for Solarwinds to precisely report the list of devices which are not reporting to SNMP  /WMI Poll, This was a bit Surprising to me,

Hence Raising this as a Feature Request, I am sure we need this in Place

References Tried :

Node is up but the node down alert is triggered - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Troubleshoot an SNMP Node/SNMP Test Failed result - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support ... Test Passes for me

Level 14

This is a very needed feature.  Right now I use custom reports to locate interfaces in unknown status....but that only works if the interfaces are selected resources.

Level 10

Does not feel good when other inter-department shows a tool that can send alerts when nodes no longer responding to SNMP and we cannot duplicate that in Solarwinds.

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Community Manager
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