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SNMP Community (or credentials) Management

SNMP Community (or credentials) Management

Working for the government security is a big thing.  So SNMP communities, at least on some devices, get changed fairly often.   As a result, we have a ton of communities in Orion now.   The problem is, we don't really want to get rid of them altogether because we might need to find some items on which they didn't get changed and such.

The problem is, if you go above a handful of SNMP communities in Orion, it starts to get VERY annoying.   There are a number of problems, with fairly simple solutions I think.

Default communities:   The default is always "public", most of the time I want this either off my list, or at the end of the list of communities I have.   We should be able to choose a default communities , better yet, choose a default per vendor or device type maybe?    ie: if model = foo, make community foobar?

List ordering:   Moving communities up and down your list can greatly influence how long your discovery might take.  

  • At the very least there should be a "move to top/bottom" options!!
  • I would love to be able to group communities, then you could choose a group or groups to use. For example:
    • Current communities - those communities we are currently using
    • Archived:  Those we shouldn't be using right now
    • Vendor defaults: to scan the network for devices that have default communities still, which is a security no-no.
  • Maybe instead of using the up/down arrows and such, have the communities where you can select in the left column the ones you want and move them to a selected list
    • Maybe something similar to how you select active directory credentials in managing users?   Then you could even search your list of credentials.

At a minimum I'd like to be able to set what order they show up.   We just installed IPAM for instance and it used the list of communities we have in NPM and that list is way differently ordered than what I'd like, ie: lots of old communities are at the top.

Not sure if this could translate to other credentials too, like NCM users, etc?

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Surely a good idea...

I find that there is quite a bit of a mess between solarwids modules that use the the same orion core and api..

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