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Revamp Network Discovery

Revamp Network Discovery

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Hey all!

I am currently going through a complete rebuild of my company's Solarwinds instance, and boy has it been fun. I'm getting to build in a lot of the backend management things like Custom Properties and Groups as I build it, and it's making the organization aspect a lot easier.

Now here's something that I've found to be lacking: Network Discovery.

We have over 100 locations across the world, and they are going through upgrades at the moment. As a result of this, I am building discoveries per site. In building 100 network discovery tasks, I've noticed it's a lot more complicated than it needs to be. So I am requesting a few features in regards to this area.

First: A hierarchical grouping feature. Allow us to create groups/folders for certain discoveries, whether it be by country, state, technology, or whatever you need. Allow us to organize these.

Second: Either consolidate it to a single page that has checkboxes for areas that need to be changed (thinking like when editing multiple nodes in Manage Nodes), OR make the pages/steps at the top clickable. I shouldn't have to click next 6 times to get to the monitoring tab, or even worse to change the name of the discovery (why isn't this the first tab?)

Third: After the discovery is run, can we enable auto-adding selected Custom Properties to the nodes? I am building discoveries based off of location, so it'd be great if I could populate the City custom property to the devices I am importing. I can select the poller already, so that's great, but I would love to populate some other things.

Sarcastically: So that's my quick and easy request!

I know it would be a bit to overhaul, but I really think it would bring some more value and organization to the discovery page. After all, wasn't Solarwinds born out of the need to organize things?


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