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Reporting And Filtering By Time Of Day

Reporting And Filtering By Time Of Day

In the thick client based report writer, you can setup filters based on day, and time of day.  There is an excellent post here detailing the steps.  However this functionality is missing in the web based report writer, requiring us to grant access to the server for end users to be able to write such reports, submit requests to us to handle, or write custom SQL (such as here).  It would be great to re-introduce the option to filter by "Time of Day" or "Day of Week" instead of just "Timestamp".

Level 12

I agree - every report I generate is pretty much invalid as I cannot filter to business days / hours.

I am no SQL programmer and the example that was posted makes my eyes cross.  NOT the poster's fault, of course.

Is the thick client still available?

Level 12

I still have it on my server, but I'm not sure if that's because it's part of the install that has been upgraded multiple times over the years, or if it's just not been taken away.

Level 9

I am shocked that this doesn't have more votes. How to people formulate meaningful reports when off business hours can so severely skew metrics?

I'm guessing people make their own queries to this, seeing as it's 2016 and we still don't have this.