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Report Writer: Ad hoc report filtering and parameter prompting

Report Writer: Ad hoc report filtering and parameter prompting

Idea came from originally requested in 2009.

Can we add a feature to allow filtering for a report thru the web interface?  Of course, if it's a scheduled report, we would need to be able to pass the value as a parameter.

I envision it would work similar to MSAccess where you use "[Enter from date: ]" in your sql statement.  If you're using the designer, perhaps a yes/no check box (similar to the "function") on the select fields tab.  This would cause another field to appear on the field formatting tab where the prompt text could be entered.

When the report is ran from the web, the user would be prompted for the input before running the report.  (Perhaps the prompted values would print on the last page of the report.)

Thank you!!

Level 12

Yes - instead of hardcoding the parameters of each report, users could select the defined parameter when running the report.  Fairly standard in SQL reporting.

Level 9

Not just for Report Writer or Web Reports, but also for any dashboard, view, or screen.

This is pretty standard in other tools, such as Splunk, AppDynamics, or OpsView.

By adding customized user selection criteria prior to the selection of the data, it would potentially eliminate/reduce the number of reports/screens required and thus make the overall system more maintainable.

Splunk hit a triple on their user selection capabilities.